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Lauren just celebrated her fourth birthday! Joined by friends and family, Lauren had a great time playing games, jumping on a giant trampoline, and eating lots of cake. She is already talking about her next birthday!Happy Birthday Lauren!

Lauren is now riding her bike without training wheels. She practiced with her dad every day for the past week. Now we can't stop her. She especially likes riding at the park, where there are endless trails. Go Lauren!



Josh is now playing for the Bears. No not the Chicago bears, but the Shelbyville Community Center's youth football team. Josh's team is now 4-2. He loves every minute on the field. He plays a variety of positions, yet likes wide receiver the best.

Josh has also been busy studying for his school spelling bee. He was nominated to represent his class by the teacher, Mrs. Davis, because he has consistently scored over 90% on his spelling tests.

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